Young at Heart

Last week Collin Brody spent his time in a frantic search for Joyce Campbell. Finally he called his physical therapist, Eddy,  from Helen Hayes Rehab Hospital. Eddy gave him a lead to friends of Joyce while they were in rehab together; Cora and Larry O’Brien  in Nyack.


Gleeful, Collin called his man, Edgar, to say, ” I have a lead on my woman!”

“Heavy snow happening here,” said the man of few words.

“Get Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer if you must but we’re going to Nyack!”

Dressed in warm clothes and boots, Collin wasted no time  in locating a Lawrence O’Brien with no trouble.He called and introduced himself using all his charm and the rehab connection. Things got complicated when it turned out that Larry O’Brien was with the NYPD and he asked a lot of questions. After a lengthy Q&A, where Collin almost asked if he needed a lawyer, Lieutenant O’Brien agreed to a meet.

Snow turned to slush, plows were out and the limousine glided toward Nyack along the scenic two lanes following the curve of the Hudson River.

Collin felt the way he always did before closing an important deal; the chase was on!

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40 thoughts on “Young at Heart

  1. Some lovely scenery in the drive along the Hudson – even on a snowy day. But they are probably too focused to even notice – best words – the chase is on.

  2. I love Collin’s attitude and I thoroughly enjoyed his telling the guy to get Rudolph if necessary, to do whatever it took – shows his commitment! Great snippet…hugs to you, my friend!

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