BIG the movie 1988

The last day of shooting and I get the call. All I had to do was walk down 23rd street in New York wearing a gray suit. Wow! A really great gig, so easy on a gorgeous day. Early call, I knew no one when I reported. They loved the way I looked, so professional with a leather briefcase under my arm. What an actress. Big bucks here and I had no idea who was the star until Young adorable Tom Hanks came running out of the building to hail a cab followed by the lovely co-star, Elizabeth Perkins. Right before my startled eyes.

History was made that day with this unusual movie, so funny yet covering a multitude of ideas. Magical wish at an arcade made be a twelve year old boy. All he wants is to be BIG! And so it happens. The audience watches as he changes to become a man of thirty. Only his best friend knows what becomes of him. He gets a job with a toy company and designs what kids really like at affordable prices to the chagrin of the real salesmen. A young woman there falls in love with him . He experiences sex sooner then most twelve year old boys might. Remember this was ‘back then’.

If you haven’t seen BIG, check it out. What a terrific movie. Toward the end, watch for the woman in the gray suit strolling down the street. The hustle bustle of New York. Director Penny Marshall.

Big (1988) Poster The young Tom Hanks in BIG


Charmaine Photo for PinterestThe Grown-up Charmaine Gordon

4 thoughts on “BIG the movie 1988

  1. I shall definitely look out for you if I see the film, and I will be able to say, “Look, there’s my friend, the famous actress and writer, Charmaine Gordon.” Much kudos to me!
    I love your little vignettes, Charmaine. So interesting.

  2. It’s on the Internet Free of charge. I checked it out to make sure I got Penny Marshall in there. Man, she was tough. Her first time directing and a BIG production. I think she was married to the producer at the time. Show Biz-there’s nothing like it. At least back then. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

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