Young at Heart

Continued from last week where Collin Brody, the wealthy man hot on the trail to find his lost love , Joyce Campbell, has a lead. With his man Edgar, they arrive at the home of Lieutenant Lawrence O’Brien and wife ,Cora in Nyack, former friends of Joyce from rehab at Helen Hayes Hospital  rehab Center. During a fabulous lunch where Collin helped by slicing vegetables, they continued diving into the mystery of finding Joyce.


“Wait just a minute,” Cora said, “How about looking up Joyce’s mother’s obituary since all her books use the name Rea Morgan as illustrator and children are always listed as next of kin!”

“Brilliant,” Larry said as he began digging into obituary archives and found Rea Morgan and there was daughter Joyce married to Michael Campelli and one granddaughter, Amelia. “Now look in the area phone books to find Michael Campelli.”

Collin said, “Her husband must have Americanized his name to Campbell for business purposes.”

Cora did as Larry asked and yelled, “Bingo, Collin, I do believe we might have found your lady in Pearl River about twenty minutes from here!”

Collin stood suddenly, pounded his fist on the table and fell to the floor, hitting his head against a sharp corner of the chair on his way down.

for more snippets:

TNBTE V 2 all three formats for announcement



34 thoughts on “Young at Heart

  1. Uh-oh? What happened to him? I hope he’s okay. After a conversation I had with friends last night about people they know dropping dead, I’m a little worried about this character.

  2. Ouch! Sounds just the sort of thing I would do. Jump first, and look afterwards. It sounds a great story, as all yours do. I already have two of your books waiting for me on my Kindle. I just need to find some spare time to catch up on my reading. I love your writing.

  3. What just happened? He stood up too fast and got light headed? I hope he’s not hurt too much and can follow that lead.

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