If I Can Do It-So Can You!

Back in April, I had a bad Fall. A Serious fall that put me in rehab for seven weeks. I can recall 6 :a.m looking out my granddaughter’s window after waking from the garbage collectors sound outside. I turned, realized I was falling, thinking I had nothing to break the fall, hearing my granddaughter scream,” Mommy, mommy, Granny’s on the floor and she’s not talking.” Daughter running in, talking on the phone to get a substitute for teaching, calling an ambulance for help, calling my husband while I just lay there helpless for the first time in my 85 years of life.

Waking in a rehab. A strange place to this helpless me. Nurses bustling about so kind. Me in a wheelchair???????????????????? Who me.? Learning my pelvic was broken, head with a concussion, vertigo, damaged ear and more.

What did I do? God Damnit! I fought and keep fighting and today I walked with my husband, no cane or device to help. I just put my hand through his arm as we walked a good pace all around our hilly neighborhood. First time in all these scary months when I truly thought that I’d never walk again.

You have to believe, my friends. Believe in yourself, in whatever Gods there are and just DO IT!

If I can, so can you.

Love always,


Charmaine Photo for Pinterest

WDBS Vid clip CVR



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