Young at Heart

Continuing from last week, my friends. I decided I disliked leaving you with a cliff hanger to move on to another story so I’ll tidy this story up just a tiny bit.

Last week, when Collin Brody learned that Joyce Campbell may very well live just twenty miles away, he jumped up from the table after drinking wine, fell to the floor after hitting his head on the edge of a chair.


“Mr. Brody, have you been bungee jumping again?”

Collin opened his eyes to find internist, Dr. Marcus Barry smiling down at him and Collin said, “One minute I’m in Nyack having lunch with friends and the next, I’m in a hospital so what happened?”

“Evidently your friends told you something so extraordinary, your blood pressure spiked, you fainted, they called 911 and here we are and my question is did you take your blood pressure meds today? Now you have a concussion, the wound required stitches and I required a sewing machine to close the open wound.”

“Well first I want my best friend Edgar to stay with me so have someone bring a cot in.

“That I’ll do but you must take your meds regularly if you want to live to have a long life with your Joyce. And today, I’ve asked for the best Therapy Dog in Rockland County to visit; Kizzy is his name and he is guaranteed to lower your blood pressure.”

In the corridor, Lieutenant Lawrence O’ Brien told Edgar not to worry, that by tomorrow he had a feeling they would find Joyce Campbell.

for more snippets:

TNBTE V 2 all three formats for announcement


38 thoughts on “Young at Heart

    • So do I, Kim. My book At Your Service was just released last night. It’s a collection of stories about Therapy dogs, rescue dogs and what they mean to their owners, written while I was in rehab for that fall I had back in April. Now I can walk again!!! and to think, I’d never dreamed I’d be able to do that.

  1. I’d be honored if you check out The Beginning. . .Not the End and leave a comment. Rachel did and loved the whole story. Sometimes when you write, you just ‘get it so right.’ Thanks, Jenna. You always give me a boost.

  2. Loved the little snippets of humor–bunging jumping and sewing machine. This gives a clue as to what the rest of the book must be like. Best wishes.

  3. Christina, obviously I feel the way. My latest book was just released written during my rehab weeks after the major fall last April. Titled At Your Service therapy and rescue dogs visited me during the bad time and I decided to gather stories of how the owners felt about their pets. Stories came in,; I sorted them out with a tweak here and there and sent it to my publisher. Fruition of the project as of last night!

  4. The doctor is great and seems like she knows just how to handle him. Love the sewing machine reference to stitching him up. πŸ™‚

  5. Whoops! That was some extreme fainting he did. o.O Why don’t people take their medications like they’re supposed to? It doesn’t sound like he can’t afford them or remember, so he doesn’t have much excuse.

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