And Then She Said and Did. . .

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about my grandest granddaughter so here goes. First of all, she is eight to be nine in February. She holds my hand to protect me as I did when she was small. She says, “Be careful, Grans, bend your knees when you step down.” Oh my, how our lives have changed. Especially since the early morning last April when she witnessed me fall on the hard wood floor in her bedroom.

Last Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of attending a basketball game. Daughter drove. Grandest was in the back with her best pal Claire. I sat in front. The girls are on a CYO team for St.Francis in Rockland County, NY. 8 year old girls going on twenty from the look and demeanor of the teams. What poise and strength and they ran so fast, guarded, dribbled across the floor while bouncing the ball so gracefully with purpose.

Me, the goofy Granny, watched my treasure swish in two, count them, two baskets. She raced like the wind, bouncing that ball ’til she was in place. Then the moment, the ball sailed up and in, a perfect arc. In my mind, I’m calling MVP. Most Valuable Player. Of course, many girls scored. The final score was 26/6 Grandest’s team won. Yippee! The other team had so much talent yet they only had one practice game. A few more and they’d be way up there. Grandest is at the beginning of an athletic career, a bonding with other girls in an athletic endeavor. The possibilities are endless. Daughter has made this possible for her daughter the way I opened a tennis world for her. Hopefully she will benefit and thrive in this environment.

I hope to watch her grow into the fine young women she is meant to be.

Charmaine Photo for PinterestGranny here!


Claire and CassidyRae, my grandest

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