Another Moment with Anthony Hopkins

Road to wellville ver1.jpgThe year is 1994. The scene in this odd movie about John Kellog, a man with an obsession regarding health. I , chosen not because of talent but the fact that I fit the requirements needed for the well known Broadway actress, Carole Shelley, same height and size. WOW! All the training and it came down to measurements. Good job, Charmaine. Back to the scene. John Kellog wanted to prove his stable was clean enough in which to serve a formal dinner. Are you ready, readers?

I, along with Anthony-call me Tony, Hopkins, Bridget Fonda and Mathew Broderick entered the stable filled with about sixteen horses, a long dinner table set up down the length, lit I slid over one seat by  lanterns, horses neighing, a string quartet warming up and we were dressed in black tie, gowns with long gloves. Elegant. And so damn funny I hid behind my fan to keep from laughing. Then silver trays were set out. Filet mignon, mushrooms, new potatoes, olives, salad and the assistant director kept calling, ” Don’t eat the props!” And that’s not all.

Ms. Shelley swept in , absolutely a star, I slid over one seat and the scene began.  Alan Parker, the director, began with a 5,4,3,2, Ms. Shelley said her lines. “Cut. This is not a play, Ms Shelley. Get the words out fast. No pregnant pauses. This is a movie. Take 2” After 10 takes and she still didn’t get it, Mr. Parker, apoplectic–face red, screamed, “Say the words fast.” I patted her hand. She took a deep breath, spit the words out and it was a Take. We dined, Ms. Shelley squeezed my hand. All in a days work.

Show business. What a sweet time.Charmaine Headshot for Author Central


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