The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past


The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

Back in the days when people didn’t lock the front door or car doors, the big family I belonged to gathered at my parent’s home for Thanksgiving. When I say big-I’m talking BIG. Grandma and Grandpa had ten kids. My mom was in the middle and somehow she became the hub of the wheel of this family.

Picture this: Grandparents seated at one end of the table, candlelight shining on their white hair and proud faces. At the other end sat my father, leaning back in the chair, master of all he surveyed. Every other chair was occupied by an uncle while my aunts scurried back and forth from kitchen to dining room carrying trays heaped with enough food to feed a small nation. And as they served, they managed to gossip about everything and everyone.

Did I mention that the table extended into the living room? Well it did, to accommodate all the cousins who were up to no good. Boys of all ages and me, the first girl born to this rowdy bunch and two quiet girl cousins. We couldn’t wait to finish dinner and crawl under the grown-up table and sit with legs of various relatives all around us, while we listened to adult conversation and tried to stifle laughter. We weren’t discovered until cigar and cigarette smoke from above sent us coughing and choking for fresher air.

Ah, sweet memories of the ghost of Thanksgiving past.


My friends, back in April this year, like Humpty Dumpty, this author had a great fall. Dearest daughter and grandest granddaughter, aged eight, with the swiftness of SuperMan, sent for an ambulance, got me into rehab for 7 weeks. Another wonderful friend, Judy Audevard, president of Paws for a Cause, sent the word to all her Therapy Dog people to visit me and give comfort. And so they did. I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant to me when these trained big and small canines wearing red jackets bounded into my room to lavish kisses and warm sweet heads on my damaged body. Bless them all and their handlers.

And so I wrote and wrote about my four legged friends that helped pull me through and gave me courage to eventually walk again.

The book is At Your Service                                                                                                                    ays-cvr

Available in all e formats









I give thanks again during this Thanksgiving Holiday to all my friends.

Charmaine Gordon


5 thoughts on “The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

  1. So glad you are recovering after your dreadful fall. The Therapy Dogs sound a wonderful idea. I’m not sure if they have them here (UK), but it would be nice if they did. Happy Thanksgiving, Charmaine. May you be surrounded by love and laughter, and lots of family and friends.

  2. And to you, dear Rachel. The family of yester years have long gone beyond me. Now I am the queen mother, so to speak, an honored position yet I’m still bopping along, singin’ a song surrounded by daughter, grandest granddaughter, almost nine years old now and three big sisters, new daddy plus a dear new set of Italian grandparents. Full house!
    I hope you are with loving family to keep you warm with winter descending.
    Love from your pal across the pond.

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