Starting Over

Last week, widow Emily Kendrick and widower Patrick Corwin  meet on St. Augustine Beach by chance. They are attracted to each other although she is concerned it might be too soon to move on because memories of her husband cling tight. The unknown stalker is furious to see another man close to the woman he means to have. After the workout with the team, Emily heads to the lovely old house with the wrap-around porch purchased thirty years before when beach property was affordable.

Excerpt: Emily stood before the big mirror in the hall and looked at gray roots, a few wrinkles, and shook her head. A woman with grown children and no husband at her age of Fifty Something is too scary! She thought, the glass is half full; so stop feeling sorry for yourself because it’s time to take charge of your life.

After a quick lunch, she biked over to the swim and tennis club where water aerobic classes were held. Her closest friends hung out there most afternoons and she learned about a membership drive about to begin with a big party. She thought about her best friend, Mark Wagner, and how much she’d love to see him again. His wife died a year ago,followed by Emily’s husband and the perfect match would be if she and Mark got together. But no, for some unknown reason, he hadn’t called in a long time so again Emily felt bereft. Along came the nice man from the beach and just like that, she invited him to the party.

Of course, the lonely widower  accepted Emily’s invitation.

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Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon




36 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. She’s facing so many uncertainties in her life, so many “ifs”… and the danger of a stalker looming nearby. What a fascinating story.

  2. Love your premise, Charmaine! Gives this Over 50 Something hope (but I could do without the stalker!). Nice to read about a woman with roots (though mine will never see the light of day!).

  3. Ah, Nancy, if you know me at all, I’m a Survive and Thrive woman. Nothing stops me. Now I’ve reached 85, still got my dancing shoes on moving along by writing, smiling, loving. Oh yes! I wish you the best. Never give up, Nancy. Never.

  4. She certainly seems to have moved on with her life, which is healthy. I wonder if Mark Wagner is going to play a part in this? Sometimes the “perfect solution” isn’t quite so perfect after all. Great snippet.

  5. Your writing is so full of hope and positivity. Yes, she is lonely after losing her husband, but I think that she will soon give love another chance. I just hope the stalker doesn’t get in the way.

    • He has his hidey holes in the sand. A scary guy. Where in the world did I ever find him, a nice girl like me?????? From being a sweet married woman, her life is turned upside down when she meets Patrick who is very possessive. Tune in next week, my friend. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Love the positivity in this story. She’s bound to give hope to women in real life. Without the stalker, of course. LOL Who needs him! Glad to see she’s open to new possibilities.

  7. She is indeed only to find life with someone new is a struggle. Stay with me as the story unfolds or order the book and find out what happens next. I’ve reread it over and over only to think, did I write this? Thanks so much, Diane. I so appreciate your comments.

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