Katherine Hepburn had it so why can’t I

Aging is no fun. You’ve heard these words before and I’ll say them again. There are good things and get ready, folks, some are no fun. For instance, Katherine Hepburn, the famous actress, had Essential Tremors. When I first noticed a problem with shakiness, I went to an important doctor in the field. “Hmm,” he said after much deliberation. “You have Essential Tremors.” “Essential?” I cried. “Not Essential to me.”

Alas, no matter how I moaned and whimpered, took injections in the vocal chords etc, eventually my lovely voice gave out, my acting career ended and I began to write. Meanwhile back at the “Essential Tremor” department, I’m blessed with meds. Oh yes. A fine neurologist takes care of me as years go by. Writing books is a bit difficult because fingers don’t want to cooperate but what the heck, folks. My motto is Survive and Thrive. That’s what keeps me going.

And I learned years ago–a major secret. Are you listening? “CUTENESS COUNTS” Yes it does!! You don’t have to be pretty or handsome. No. All you have to do is Smile and that smile comes from your heart.

So that’s my good word for today. I say it with love to all of you.

Love, from Charmaine Gordon, that’s really what’s Essential to me

Charmaine Photo for Pinterest


2 thoughts on “Katherine Hepburn had it so why can’t I

  1. You have such a positive attitude, Charmaine. It’s lovely to read your stories. I’m fetching Dad from hospital tomorrow. He had pancreatitis, but better now. He’s 93 in January. Like you, he’s a battler. Best wishes to you.

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