Starting Over

My friends, last week Emily Kendrick invited lawyer Patrick Corwin to her club party and he said yes. Romance begins for the widow and the widower. Let’s see what happens next.

Excerpt: Saturday, after two hours in and out of her closet trying on different outfits, Emily settled on a flowered long sleeved shirt tied at the waist, white silk pants and sandals. The mirror reflected an attractive, slim, energetic woman; the grieving widow was in disguise.

Emily drove to the club in her Jeep and searched for Patrick right away. He looked mighty nice: the phrase ‘clean him up and send him to my tent’ came to mind causing a deep flush to stain her tan cheeks.

They sat after dancing and she thought privately that it was tricky business, this man/woman thing at her age like whom can you trust?

Patrick said, “You are newly single?” and when she nodded, he said, “Will it upset you if I explain some basic safety rules about being single?”

“No go ahead as if she were a dope yet she didn’t mind his take-charge attitude, in fact she kind of liked it.

When he asked if she had a cell phone, she thought that was odd yet she answered that she left it at home to charge the battery. He handed her the smallest cell phone she’d ever seen and keyed in 911, and said  to her “Beware at all times of where you’re driving.”

“That seems overly cautious, Patrick, since I live three blocks from the club.”

for more snippets:

Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon







39 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. The mirror reflected an attractive, slim, energetic woman; the grieving widow was in disguise. – This line is so powerful, Charmaine. What we show to the world, and what we’re feeling inside are often two opposing things when grieving. Excellent snippet, my friend. I wish you a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

  2. It’s a dating jungle out there, for sure, especially when you dip your toe back in later in life. Yes, he is lecturing her, but for the best of motives I’m sure. Glad you found your second chance!

  3. I personally bristle a bit when someone tries to take charge on “page 3” of the relationship, but it sounds like he means well, and maybe she could use the advice. Engaging snippet.

  4. I’m wondering what kind of people our lawyer represents (since I work for a criminal attorney)! I like that he’s looking out for her and her naivete is very realistic. Nice job, Charmaine.

    • In this story I ask you to recall the stalker-a wealthy man called Clifford Lansdale under investigation. Patrick Corwin is his lawyer. It’s a complex situation and Patrick cannot wait to be finished with him, unaware that his client has been stalking his lady love for a long time.
      Thanks for your interest, Nancy. The story has many twists and turns. It makes a fascinating read.

  5. When I first read your description of her looking in the mirror, I almost groaned, but you salvaged it with the next phrase–the widow in disguise, Great. Yes, she’ll need all those safety cautions he’s dishing out. One of my characters in my current WIP is doing the same thing. Readers can’t read it enough. Nice job.

  6. It is tough to remember the rules, especially since the game keeps changing! Good for him, giving her the run-down, though she has a lot to learn–like not telling just anyone where you live.

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