The Pickle

Would you believe this actor had a job back in 1993 in a movie title The Pickle! Well I did. The call came in for me and I had to bring my sweet black lab, Jesse girl, to a night shoot at The Plaza Hotel. Of course it rained hard that night. Aside from taking a skittish Jesse, I packed her food, a bowl for water. two blankets for her to lie on and away we drove from New City, New York to the big city where I parked near the hotel.

What a weird feeling to enter the fancy hotel filled with elegant guests down on the main level and to hustle to the elevator where we were crammed in with a few other actors and their pooches. Fortunately we were let out on the second floor and told to move on toward what appeared to be a pleasant section. A snarl or two where I gave a command to shut the hell up to threatening dogs. After years of dog training, I knew the rules even if other handlers didn’t. I may be petite but I’m tough. Oh yeah.

Jesse girl and I settled down in our suite at the Plaza Hotel. I rubbed her dry, gave her a treat and some water and she snuggled close on a warm dry blanket that read Go Yankees.Then I watched to see what happens next. I watched and observed folks who appeared to be in charge. They carried clip boards and made notations.I caught a glimpse of the star, Danny Aiello, ringing his hands.

Hours went by. The union rep came by. We didn’t have dinner. Big complaint quickly taken care of. Salad, ham, vegetables, ice cream and coffee, tea or juice. No acting, no dog stuff. I dined, took Jesse out in the pouring rain, my umbrella held high and she did her thing. Again  we rode the elevator, I dried her, poured kibbles in a dish and gratefully she wagged her tail and ate. What a night. A ride for nothing except good money and home in the pouring rain.

The Pickle got poor reviews. I got a cold and Jesse girl never wanted to get in the car again.





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