Starting Over

Last week, the widow and the widower were getting along just fine. This week, moving on.

excerpt: Emily and Patrick were at her home in an attempt to have dinner but overwhelmed with passion, they moved on to dessert. After experiencing the best orgasms in a long time, Emily watched Patrick dress as he prepared to leave for a week long business trip overseas.

“A friend of mine will come by to install better locks on all your doors until an alarm system can be installed.”

Was  this his concept of post-coital conversation she wondered as she tapped him on his back. “Hello”what are you talking about?”

“Emily, these are different times where we now have to lock our doors and our car doors and no more trusting people. I want you to be safe.”

“That’s nice but I’ve lived here for thirty years, same locks and I feel very safe.”

“Do this for me, my love” and he left saying he’d call every day.

True to his word he did call but she noticed the calls came at all different hours and she wondered if it was his way of checking up on her whereabouts.

Starting Over


34 thoughts on “Starting Over

    • One thing at a time, Ed. First, she’s loving the romance part of the relationship and then he’s concerned about her safety. Soon her house is more safe than the White House and he’s got her taking Tae Kwan Do. Her life is upside down changed from the phys ed teacher to a multi powered woman. All because he keeps looking in the rear view mirror of an tempestuous past.
      BTW-I’m reading Newborn, Wow!

  1. I find it odd that he is so adamant about her security. It’s like he knows or at least suspects something. Intriguing excerpt! 🙂

  2. He really needs to work on his pillow talk. lol. Interesting final line. Maybe he’s getting a bit too possessive/controlling. Excellent excerpt, my friend!

  3. I wonder why she thinks he’s checking up on her. Does she have reason to be suspicious? I assumed the different times of day meant that he’s calling between meetings, like whenever he gets a chance.

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