Trimming the Christmas Tree

Every year, like many people, we trim a tree. Why oh why is it so much trouble, I ask myself. I’m a good person, organized, always put everything away in the basement. So how come, in one years time, is everything in a total mess? Okay, enough with the whining. Last night, the hubs decided to move furniture around before bringing the tree upstairs. He dragged the beautiful long wooden display piece we’ve had for years, are you listening?,DRAGGED it from the living room into the dining room leaving a trail of scratched floor as he dragged. Did I scream and carry on? Uh, no. The loving wife hurried to the kitchen, found the proper solution under the sink with a rag and hubs , on his knees, scrubbed away the scratched floor. We are still speaking as of this morning.

When Grandest was about three years old, she always decorated the tree. She couldn’t reach very high but in my eyes it was high enough. I praised her designs, clapped my hands along with hers and never dressed up the ornaments any higher than she could reach. Here she is at about four or five. The love of my life.



Two pals involved in deep discussion


Thanks for stopping by, my friends.

Love, Charmaine Gordon


2 thoughts on “Trimming the Christmas Tree

  1. This year, for probably the first time ever, I shan’t be putting up a tree. There’s only Dad and me at home now, and we have been invited to spend Christmas with my brother’s family. So I won’t be spending precious time putting up a tree that we will barely enjoy. I am so lucky to have such a lovely family to spend Christmas with, and I’m glad that you do too. Happy Christmas, Charmaine. x

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