Movies, Movie, Movies

How I love the movies and the sweet time, the years when I had the pleasure of being a part of so many movies, plays in New York, day time drama, commercials and more. I learned so much from Mike Nichols, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins and again, more kind willing to share their knowledge with an eager actor. And so I learned as I worked and acted.

Here’s a funny story about an unusual one day gig. The movie is a political farce titled Moon Over Parador directed by Paul Mazursky starring Richard Dryfuss. The call came in for me to drive downtown New York to the well known theatre way over on the East side.

I can do that, I thought. No big deal. It turned out that I knew no one except the actors and we had fun. It was a wild and crazy day, the last day of the shoot. One of the guys got snippy about my car and asked me to move it. Well I was being paid for bring my car so I was cool but the guy got snippy as I said so when the union guy showed up, I spoke up and he straightened out the problem. Otherwise I’d have gone directly to the star, Richard Dreyfuss, who, at that time, had a problem with bipolar disorder. He had hugged me several times already since the shooting so I figured he’d be on my side.

Later on Richard was a huge success in Jaws, The Goodbye Girl and many more films. But I’ll never forget that wild and crazy day in New York in a movie that never did too well but some of us had a great day.

Richard Dreyfuss Cannes 2013.jpg Richard Dreyfuss, a wonderful actor

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