Starting Over

Stories are complex as we writers know. I’ll move Starting Over to where Emily and Patrick have decided to marry. First they must gather their children together for a family dinner to tell the good news.

Pat poured on the charm as he shook hands with Tom and Jake and introduced himself to Meg and Julie.

“Mom you look beautiful,” Meg said as she shook hands with Pat; “looks like you two are doing well.”

A cool greeting from daughter Meg, thought Emily.

“We are,” Pat said, his arm around their mother; you and your Mom look alike, no denying where you come from so come on in, make yourselves at home, I mean sorry, this is the home you grew up in.”

Tom, in his deep manly voice said, “That’s okay, Pat, I can see Mom’s pleased to be with you.”

“The grill is just about ready so I’ll get the steaks on,” Emily said.

“If it’s alright with you, I’ll tend to the meat,” Tom grinned as he exchanged smiles with his sister because they knew from years of experience Mom was dangerous with the grill.

Choruses of “I’ll make the salad”, and I’ll set the table,” and the kids took over the kitchen.

“What’s going on, Emily? do they always take over?”

“Yes dear, it’s nothing hostile, more like friendly fire because my reputation as a chef was ruined years ago so let them work while we relax.”

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Starting Over


34 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. What a wonderful scene, Charmaine! You can feel the expectation, the awkwardness then the rush of the familiar take over. Well done!!

  2. Hee! I wouldn’t trust myself around a grill, either. Love the looks exchanged between the siblings and how they automatically take over the preparations. Very cute scene, my friend!

  3. Engaging scene, Charmaine. For the kids, it’s life as usual once the subject of eating comes up, and there’s Pat feeling a little lost. Emily knows what’s going on though so hopefully she’ll be able to ease Pat through this.

    Big Christmas hugs to you, dear friend!


  4. It’s a potentially awkward time when grown children meet Mom’s new boyfriend. Especially when the boyfriend invites them to feel at home in their childhood home. Will be interested to find how things develop.

  5. Hey girl friend, you nailed it. When I introduced Don to my kids, their eyebrows raised way high as if to say, “He’s not our Dad and he never will be.”
    After all these good years, they are grateful I have a companion to share my life in these golden years.

    • You are so right about Meg. She misses her Dad. Emily must explain that Patrick isn’t taking her father’s place etc etc. It’s a difficult time yet it all works out until the stalker shows his evil presence and soon.
      And here we are almost at the end of this year. Somehow I survived the terrible fall and now I can walk again. A miracle and I’m so grateful. My very best to you , my friend as soon we greet 2017 with open arms.

  6. Family dynamics is always interesting. It can cause problems, and also bring them closer together. The kids seem like there’s not too much of an issue with their mom’s new man. Nice snippet!

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