Long Ago and Far Away

Listen my children and you shall hear: As a freshman at Purdue University, I discovered the wonder of events at the gorgeous building where special programs came through our campus in the small town in Indiana.Would you believe the famous Eddie Cantor presented not only his show but then he presented his protege, a handsome young man with a strong sweet voice.

The curtains parted and there he stood, Eddie Fisher, kind of shy, wearing a perfect jacket, slacks, polished shoes. The music began. He sang a song no one had ever heard. “Oh my Poppa, to me he was so wonderful. . .” He sang with passion; the audience cried. A new wonder was born and we were there to cheer him on.

So what became of this young man with the voice backed by the amazing Eddie Cantor you may wonder. Well he eventually married Debbie Reynolds. They had two babies, one right after the other and Debbie had just become a big star after being in Singin in The Rain with Gene Kelly.  They became best of friends with Elizabeth Taylor and her new husband, the millionaire who died in a plane crash. Soon after that terrible event, the lovely Ms.Taylor fell  into Eddie Fisher’s arms for solace and he divorced Debbie Reynolds leaving his small children and his career.

Ms. Taylor got the Cleopatra part and off she went into the arms of Richard Burton leaving Eddie Fisher stranded. Another Hollywood tragedy.

So there you are, folks. He had it all, the young man with the voice backed by a major star. And what did he do? He wasted his talent and life.

Don’t Do it! Use your talent and don’t let it go.

Happy New Year!  Charmaine


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