Starting Over


Last week tragedy struck when the stalker drove his dune buggy into unsuspecting Patrick Corwin on the beach killing him. Emily ran screaming toward the edge of the water.

Excerpt: Lights went on, one, two, three and suddenly the whole beach lit up with the rising sun and sirens and medics responding to neighbors calls. People poured out from expensive homes in the exclusive area, some curious, some wanting to help brought blankets.

Emily cried, waves mingled with tears as she touched Pat’s face, blood soaked her hands,everything soaked with salt water and blood. His eyes were open. Her face bent close to his, she listened for breathing; nothing. She felt for his heart; no beating. Cradling him in the shallow waves, she rocked back and forth, back and forth.


A thought:

This is what we do, I believe. Every year we are Starting Over. New beginnings. I wish all of you a Happy Healthy New Year as we begin a New Year this very day. Lots of love from me to you.

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