And Now. . .

So here we are in a new year with new numbers to begin again. I will share with you, my friends, how to leave yesterday behind and start over. Forget your troubles and just be happy. . .Uh, NO. That’s just plain silly. Let’s begin again.

Just for a moment, relive last year and then shake your head, folks. Much better. Sure you had some grief like the time you fell and spent time in a rehab to recover. Well I did. Yes, I certainly did. I couldn’t think straight for a long time until finally, finally I came to. Thoughts returned slowly to fit in my head like a jigsaw puzzle. Yes they did. At last I was able to eat, to sleep, to think. Just like in real life. I let go of the damage done to me; reached out to my loved ones and began to live again, to share the joy of just plain living. To breathe again like a regular person; to forget about the terrible fall.

The bad stuff is in the past, I tell myself. The future holds joy; a granddaughter growing into womanhood, her mother, my daughter, happy with her loving husband. I pray to God to watch over my loved ones, to lead them on the right path. I ask him to give me long years to enjoy their laughter and accomplishments. I want to share in their lives as long as possible. I ask, is that too much? No. Please no.

So here we are on Day Two. If we all set our minds together, perhaps wars will diminish; instead how about let world harmony prevail. I like that idea.

My best to all of you.

Charmaine Gordon




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