Football and Romance?

Hubs had to work last night so my job was to watch the New York Giants play the Green Bay Packers. I have a nostalgia for Green Bay never revealed to the hubs. Many-like really many years ago, my first love was really into boats and he said, one day, “Let’s drive up to Green Bay ’cause there’s an inboard/outboard craft we’ve got to have. Honey we can take it out on Lake Michigan.” We lived in the Chicago Area back then. So, being the best little wifey ever, we packed our young kids and drove way up to Green Bay where , yes indeedy, we purchased this treasure. and they put it up on a special ramp thingy and we drove it, swaying , all the way back to our home with one stop. We pulled into a McDonald’s or something, took up all the space around, had us a mac and something and continued the swaying home.

The problem was, you see, where to put the darn big boat. We had always purchased neat small runabouts but no! this was relatively big. My Dad happened to know every one important everywhere and told me to call the head of the guys who gave out what’s called Slips to moor the boats at Belmont Harbor. I called. A nice man assured me he had one for my dad’s daughter except it was against the wall whatever that meant. And so I drove there, received important papers, told they were precious and I left. The next day we drove the inboard/outboard boat down and put it in the water, tied it up and went home.

Hang tight. I’ll get to Football and Romance in a minute. This is background.

We used the boat a few times; it rained the night we planned a steak dinner and sleep over so home we went and then bad guys came and stole stuff from our nifty boat! Why? Because it was against the wall, an easy mark. Ultimately we sold it to a nice teacher. It was just what he wanted.

Getting back to the football game where the Packers trimmed the pants off the Giants, by the time hubs returned home, I was home, whining. We discussed the game at length and when we covered it best as possible, hubs hugged me and said, “I love you for watching the game and telling me everything since he had to work..”

Nifty, huh?

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