And Then She Wanted. . .

It didn’t seem like much. Just a small hamster yet this was her desire for quite a while. Daughter and husband decided to surprise her for Christmas instead of having her wait ’til the summer for the coveted hamster. Grandest named her Ginger and she’s pretty and very funny as she scrambles over and over in the wheel as fast as her tiny legs can go. I curled up on Grandest’s bed to watch and we had a good laugh.

As you see, after a couple of weeks, they’ve become very good pals. With gentle loving care, an eight year old can do wonders.

Grandest is the light of my life, my friends. Since her infancy, I’ve treasured every bit of her sweetness and she is one lovely child the older she gets. Her obvious care for me warms my heart. It’s her turn to hold my hand and say, “Be careful, Grans.”

Image may contain: one or more people, child and closeup


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