A Moment with Michael Douglas

It was last day of shooting Fatal Attraction. I don’t know if you saw the movie with Glen Close and Michael Douglas but for a brief moment, this actor had the pleasure of being there on the set, a part of an extraordinary movie.

There we were in a bowling alley. I watched the star roll up his sleeves and hit every bowling ball right off the mark, time after time.  What a guy.During the break, I did what I always do, talk to the main star in a personal way. I sauntered over to himself. “I loved your movie, Running.” He lifted his handsome face to look me right in the eye. “You did?” I nodded. He said, “I always wondered why the movie didn’t do better.” I touched his muscular arm. “Well, I loved it, especially when you finally finished the run.”

That’s all it took, folks. A word of praise when he didn’t expect it. ‘Places’ was called. I went back to sit in a bleachers kind of setting wearing a blue plaid shirt and jeans like a mom watching her kids, where a few other moms and dads watched the bowling scene.

A morning’s worth of work on Riverside Drive, a moment to remember, a frightening movie. Good day’s job.

Thanks for stopping by, my friends.


Often when I write these blogs, I’m reminded of stories I’ve written. Movies find their way into many of my books. When you’re looking for a good read to keep you company on a cold night, check out The Beginning. . .Not the End. Three humorous stories are in there. The last one is a real show business tale titled Before The Final Curtain.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

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