Starting Over

Last week, the murderer dressed as a guard knocked on Emily’s door. She opened and he pushed his way in, grabbing her by the waist to drag her out to the beach; his strength like that of a tank and Emily, at the moment, felt small as a tricycle in his heavy hands.


Emily kicked and screamed but the oceans roar covered the sounds. She tried to dig in with her heels, twist in his grip to no avail. What else could she do as her fingers dragged along sifting for a weapon, a shell, a loose board and found nothing.

Close to the water’s edge he let go and stood above her one foot on her chest to roar like a lion with his prize.

Big mistake, Emily’s weary mind registered and now he’s mine.With a quick twist of her body, she grabbed his leg to kick it from under him. He howled with rage as she kicked him again and danced away. Taught to hurt a larger opponent and run screaming for help wasn’t going to work for her. He had something else on his mind and so did Emily; an eye for an eye.

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Some of you have suggested this would make a good movie. I’m thinking I’d need a strong bully of a man to play the bad guy. I remember working with Telly Savalas on one of his shows. Oh yeah! Tough but he had a heart of gold. He did give me a lollypop at the end of the day and actually said, “Who loves ya, baby.” What a guy!

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44 thoughts on “Starting Over

    • Thanks so much. I’ve missed you, my friend. Although I write every day and just finished yet another story, I feel time is fleet with another birthday looming in February. So much to write and express, my fingers fly across the board each day. ‘deep sigh’ Be well with love from me.

  1. I think he should be concerned. She’s in control and “an eye for an eye” doesn’t sound good for him. Great action scene and I agree, it would make a great movie.

  2. Whoa! He’d better call for help! Sounds like he’s got more to fear from her than the other way around. Great twist, Charmaine!!

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