Betty White is 95!! Happy Birthday!

Too many years have passed since I was the go-to actor wth the voice that sounded like Betty White in the entire Metropolitan New York Area. The calls came in requesting me for commercials and what was called voice-overs in the business because of my unique talent.

It came to life during an audition for a commercial for a nutritious drink. The producers wanted it to be similar to the popular television show, The Golden Girls. Right away I was cast as the part Betty White played. In the limousine, on the way to the shoot, one of the experienced actors who was to play the sarcastic daughter commented that I really sounded like Betty White. Then she said, “No one I know has a voice like yours.” I cringed. Good or bad, I had no clue being the newbie in the limo. It turned out to be a gift, a bonanza for me and boosted my career.

Welcome to another different portion of my life during what I called my SWEET Time. Just show business with all the odd ways I became accustomed to in a hurry.

And now Ms. White is ninety-five years old and still wonderful with her sweet smile and contagious sense of humor. I feel as though I’m like her younger sister in many ways. I keep smiling and it’s been told, I can light up a room. My birthday is February 13th. Let’s celebrate together.560297_10151206425011203_1440242168_n

See, folks? You never know so just keep on doing what you’re doing and good things may blossom.


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