Starting Over

Last week I wrote about murder and heroine Emily’s fight to survive against a powerful combatant, the former client of her now deceased husband. Clifford Lansdale, in his twisted mind, calls her his Goddess. He murdered his lawyer, Patrick Corwin,  by driving into him at the ocean’s edge and racing away. His next plan had him kill the police officer guarding Emily’s back slider doors with access to the beach. Changing into the police uniform, Lansdale knocks on Emily’s door, gains access to Emily and drags her toward the ocean in a fight to the finish expecting to kill her on this night of ridding himself of all obstacles to his freedom.


Emily ran but his long legs were after her splashing through waves of the incoming tide. Again long arms grabbed her from behind, held tight across her waist. What was the crazy man saying crossed her mind; it sounded like ‘Goddess, you’re mine now.’

Emily stomped as hard as possible on his bare feet at the same time slamming her head up and back into his face, a move learned at Tai Kwan Do.

He dropped his hands in pain, fell backward and she ran screaming toward her home; screaming for help as loud as she could. And help was there with police running, guns out and Mark was there. Mark picked her up and held her against the chill and terrors of the night.

for more snippets:

p.s. Mark is her best friend from long ago. He’s an integral part of the book. The book doesn’t end here. Alas, I shortened the tragic scene to bring to you and thus, next week, another story begins. There are many more faces of Charmaine ahead as you can tell. I do request, my friends, if you read Starting Over, please leave a comment as I have done whenever I purchase your books. Authors understand how important reviews are for buyers.

Thanks again for your helpful comments. Hugs to all.



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40 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Wow, what a terrifying scene, but she was so brave! Thank goodness for that Tai Kwon Do training! Way to write, Charmaine! 🙂

  2. Excellent action scene, Charmaine. I am VERY glad she got away. The question is: did her attacker get away? or did the police catch him?
    “Goddess”? I think he is a few sandwiches short of a picnic!

  3. I love how strong she is, and how effectively she fights back! And yay to have Mark here at the critical moment as well, no doubt he’ll help her cope and recover during the aftermath of all these events. Excellent excerpt. Hugs, my friend.

  4. Emily’s husband, Patrick, insisted she take Tai Kwan Do and use weights to enable her to always protect herself and it worked. So she loses her dearest and has the ability to fight the stalker. That’s the theme in the book. Survive and Thrive! Thanks for your comment, Amy.

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