Family Introductions

Grandest introduces my Grand-dog Gracie to my Grand-Hamster Ginger. Is this the sweetest? I ask you. I don’t ask for much, my friends. This picture fills my heart with joy. Two critters of vastly different size meet under the caring watchful eye of the best almost nine years old in existence.

I used to bathe her small self in a small tub placed in the kitchen sink where she’d kick her tiny feet and laugh. Later on, as I strolled the neighborhood,  I’d let her small hands touch leaves and she’d repeat the word. Soon, I’d point to the sky when airplanes flew over and taught her the word airplane. Those were the days, my friend; we thought they’d never end. . .and now she teaches me a better way to stand up after I’ve been sitting on the floor playing a game with her.

No more little ones in my future. I long to live a healthy happy life ahead and be strong enough to enjoy her as she matures. That’s life. Long may we wave.


Image may contain: one or more people and dog

Writing this recalls a book I wrote not long ago, title: She Didn’t Say No. You will understand when you read the blurb.

Nineteen year old Grace Meredith didn’t say No to the Big Man On Campus, Scott Dwyer. And then her life changed… Grace makes her way to a new town and with the kindness of strangers, establishes a business called the Pet Emporium where she grooms, what else? Dogs and Cats.

Years later, a too-close encounter of an unpleasant kind with a skunk and Scott’s German Sheperd reunites the former lovers. What happens in between are their stories of beginnings and endings and love lost, then found.

Say No ereader graphic with hands

Thanks for stopping by, my friends.

Hugs, Charmaine




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