Saint Valentine, a man of faith

There are many stories of the origin of St. Valentine’s Day where loved ones exchange flowers, candy and cards to celebrate this happy day on February 14th.

Personally, I believe in this one. Many centuries ago, Emporer Claudius took exception to the Christian Church and decreed that warriors may not marry because they would not be able to concentrate on the battleground, always concerned with families at home and what damage to themselves might hurt dearly beloveds.

Valentine did not agree and so in strict confidence he helped the church by conducting marriages in secret. However, in an age, just like today, gossip spread and Valentine paid dearly for his good deeds. Also of note, the jailer, Auterious, had a young daughter who was blind. Using his belief with the church and higher beings, Valentine helped in healing the daughter thus forming a bond with her and her father.

Emporer Claudius cast three dreadful penalties upon the good Valentine, the last deemed to be a beheading. Before he left his cell, knowing his end lay before him, he wrote a note to the young woman he cared for and signed it, From Your Valentine.

Eventually, Valentine was canonized and became known ever after as Saint Valentine.

Remember this story as you enjoy love with family and friends. My best wishes to all of you on this delightful February 14th.


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