Chef’s Surprise, Continued

Last week Grandmother Randall had a TIA saved by the bell by Reva’s intuition. James Randall, widower, has taken another look at the clever beautiful chef instrumental in saving his precious grandmother. He has asked her to remain in their household to watch over Grans and tend to meals.And then she has a spectacular idea.


After lunch, while Grans napped and James worked in his at-home office, Reva knocked on the massive door; “Sir, I’m sorry to bother you, may I come in?”

The look on his face expressed complete delight; “Of course, what’s on your mind, my dear?”

She sat in the leather chair next to his desk so prim and proper and said, “I have an idea, of course, it’s not my first idea,” and she giggled then continued, “it’s my experience with eldercare, I’ve found that therapy dogs are incredibly helpful in making the patient blossom.”I’d so appreciate bringing in a well- trained therapy dog here for company.”

“Sir, you wouldn’t have to do work added to your heavy schedule nor share in the pup’s care because I will take care of everything and you may, if you choose, watch as your Grans spirits grow with a pet, a trained pet.”

“All right, I give in, a trial it is now I’m busy so go cook me something like my favorite Mac and Cheese done your way.”

She leaned over the desk, a bit of cleavage showing, and kissed his cheek; she thanked him and asked if he’d prefer his fancy lunch in the office. He waved her away to wonder why she had such a strong effect on him.

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One night, she ran. For the bus to freedom and a new life. She had a plan, and a small box of cash.

With grit and determination, the young girl learned more than lessons at nursing college, the first part of her plan.

Someday, she would become a top chef, but for now, she’d claw her way up the ladder.

There is payback for every crime, and sometimes the payback is more than satisfactory.




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27 thoughts on “Chef’s Surprise, Continued

  1. Well, he’s obviously a bit smitten. And allowing her to bring a pet in the house is a good thing, whether for therapy or not.

  2. She’s being a bit bold with the cleavage, unless it was unintentional (I suspect not), but I think she’s a bit smitten with James herself. Nice interaction between the two.

  3. Love the therapy dogs. When I had a terrible fall last April, my friend Judy Audevard called all of her contacts. Dogs came every day to the rehab hospital. They gave me love and courage to fight for my life. Thanks, Kimberly.

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