Another taste of Chef’s Surprise

We’ve read different facets of Reva Mercer’s personality. Here’s another aspect of the girl from Grassy Key who stole Pa’s money, got a college degree and moved to New York City to compete with the top Chef’s, a woman in a man’s world. This scene takes place during Grans recuperation from a TIA and before she gets the surprise therapy dog.Grans tells Reva that her son, James is taken with her and she thinks Reva should have dinner with him. Grans also thinks her son has been alone way too long.


Reva prepares to take her favorite person in the world, the kind Grans, for a walk and recalls their conversation; he’s been alone too long and so have I, but I’m the working woman from nowhere and he’s important; is it possible to begin a new life where I don’t have to use my body for favors?

Her Lady Smith feels just right tucked in her fanny pack along with her carry license; she’s a woman alone in a big city said her instructor

On this glorious afternoon, the women, one strong and youthful, the other elderly, were chatting away, moving along in Central Park when Grans suggested they sit on a bench to read the paper. Suddenly Grans cried out, “Oh my God, it says here a psycho escaped from Bellevue and is loose somewhere in this area. Reva checked the newspaper to see if the Breaking News was really this very day and in an instant, a rustling came through the trees behind them and a ragged man burst through, arms flailing to almost fall across Grans lap. She yelled for him to stay back to no avail and in one fast motion she moved in front of Grans and hit him in the knee, a perfect shot.

The police arrived moments later.

for more fine snippets:

One night, she ran. For the bus to freedom and a new life. She had a plan, and a small box of cash.

With grit and determination, the young girl learned more than lessons at nursing college, the first part of her plan.

Someday, she would become a top chef, but for now, she’d claw her way up the ladder.

There is payback for every crime, and sometimes the payback is more than satisfactory.




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34 thoughts on “Another taste of Chef’s Surprise

  1. Wow, things move fast in this novel! I had a feeling when you mentioned her being prepared with a weapon that she might just need it. Good thing she has such quick reflexes and aim! Great snippet…hugs to you, my friend.

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