We Still Love Basketball

Unbeaten St. Paul’s team won the Number one prize but our girls did so well, running hard, shooting for the hoop and Grandest played the whole game, fast as the wind encouraging her team mates. She beamed receiving the trophy as did all her buddies. A great season for all of us to see her grow, develop, love the sport and belong to a team.

Personally, this Granny thrilled through the whole game. I clapped my hands for the other team whenever they scored because that’s part of the game. When I was a kid, girls didn’t play sports. We watched the boys. What a time we missed. We had to wait ’til the boys finished tennis at the park before getting a court. Yikes! What a stupid time. And now everything is wide open, all sports for boys and girls. Go Grandest go! Granny cheers for you.

Granddaughter and Daughter, my bestest!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people playing sports, basketball court and shoes


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