Chef’s Surprise; Continued

Last week a psycho escaped from Bellevue to crash through the bushes in Central Park whereReva sat with Mrs. Randall and right there, he almost fell on the elderly woman. Reva shouted for him to move away; when he didn’t, she stood in front of Grans and fired her Lady Smith to hit him in the knee. As he lay screaming on the ground, the women sat on another bench to wait for the police.


“What happened here?” the policeman said as he removed the gun and Reva’s carry papers from her possession.

“Sir, we were just reading about this psycho when he ran through the trees and almost fell on Mrs. Randall’s legs. The only way I could save her is by shooting him in the knee.

“You seem very sure of yourself, Miss Mercer.”

“This is my job and I’m good at what I do but I’m sorry to had use my gun.”

“This is the escaped man and quite possibly he might have hurt Mrs. Randall and other women.”

James came running down the path where he almost fell apart to see his grandmother and Reva  in the middle of what appeared to be a crime scene. The officer explained the situation and said, “If it weren’t for her gun prowess, the guy might have hurt Mrs.Randall, she is your mother, right?”

James nodded, stared at his Chef, nurse and now wonder woman and thought fast to say ‘you remember when we met a while back when your daughter had some trouble; a vigorous nod responded from the cop.

“I would appreciate our name staying out of the paper, something like attack in the park stopped by an unknown woman.”

super snippets ahead:



39 thoughts on “Chef’s Surprise; Continued

  1. Damn, she’s good!

    I’m not sure you will see my reply to your comment on my blog, but I wanted to say thank you. This is the first novel I’ve ever written, so you’re comment really makes me more confident that I am doing something right with this story.

  2. Linda, thanks for stopping by. I’ve watched my husband shoot so efficiently until I understood the mechanics of shooting. As for myself, my hands didn’t work that well. I based my experience on watching him. I wanted to get it right.

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