The Life of the Party

The proud Aunt sat at the back of the theater, fingers crossed because her triple threat niece was about to turn Broadway upside down.
“Next,” the hoarse voice of the stage manager called; “Candace Scott, you’re next” as he turned to the eager new assistant nearby. “Last one up; then we eat, discuss the auditions, make decisions and go home, and Jimmy, take notes.”
Candace Scott hurried to the desk to sign in, heart thumping yet she knew she had what it took. Deep breaths, she told herself, be confident ’cause she’d been to enough auditions since her move to New York from way upstate and this musical was right up her alley so go to it and don’t hold back; so what if you’re nobody from nowhere.
“Hi, I’m Candace Scott.”

The new assistant said; “Take a moment; you have your music and I see you have your tap shoes on; they like when you’re ready and you’re very cute.”

“Sir, this is titled The Life of the Party; I found it in Mom’s piano bench under a stack of music and fell in love with it.” She nodded to the pianist; the music began and she took center stage; “You gotta have me there, the life of the party, The Life of the Party, to Bring Every Party to Life.” The last few words hit the ceiling; a light bulb broke as her voice reverberated.

This is a WIP thus far.

36 thoughts on “The Life of the Party

  1. This reminded me of Julie Andrews in ‘Victor, Victoria’ when she broke glass with one note. Well done, and I also liked that she sang something in memory of her mom.

    • Until you’ve had the training, I didn’t really have, you can’t believe the acting mentality and then I learned about Triple Threat Talent and that wasn’t me. I got by with emotions willing to spill, grace in dancing and a willing to work. An actor once said, “The camera loves you.” That was during a daytime drama I did for years. But oh the glory of a stranger rushing to hug me after a play. WOW! Now to sell a bunch of books. Thanks, Jenna.

  2. I love stories about the entertainment world, which you write so well, and you always put in some interesting details that only a ‘pro actor’ would know. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. I’m curious about the light bulb too! Great snippet, my friend. Love all the details, right down to the music in the piano bench! 🙂

  4. I’m with everyone else- love stories about the theater! My little brother works in theater as a musician and it seems like such an interesting world full of talented, eccentric people. Such fun!

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