The Life of the Party, Chapter 2

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sir; Mom warned me not to reach for the highest note and I did it again but I’ll pay for the light bulb.” She ran back to where her backpack lay before she heard applause coming from the audience. She spun around to find the director and his associates were standing, calling her name.

“My dear, you are a wonder and we all agree you must be in our new show; as for the light bulb, has that happened many times before?”

The eighteen year old prodigy nodded, unaware of her gift and said, “My parents kept a big supply of bulbs at home and told me to keep it a secret cause they were afraid I’d never get cast in a musical if the word got around so I’ve been cautious and here I am on my first big opportunity and I blow it! Oh wait, you just said I can be in your new musical; oh my gosh! and she tap danced all over the stage in her excitement and ended in a dynamic spin.

“Now you’ve heard me sing, break a light bulb, and tap dance and all I need is a script to show off my acting chops.”

“Take a moment to read and set the scene in your mind.”

“Just when I thought it was safe to announce I had a real boy-friend, you say I’m not good enough for you; well who the hell are you anyway; some big shot, some talented guy with his name in lights who expects girls to go down on him ‘cause he says so but not me, buster so get out of my face.” Candace begins to shake as tears fall.

WIP Chapter 2

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26 thoughts on “The Life of the Party, Chapter 2

  1. I’d truly love to be in an audition where that happened! LOL You couldn’t help but cast someone who did that. I remember Julie Andrews shattering the champagne glasses in Victor/Victoria. 🙂

  2. Once upon a time, I auditioned for a play. When I returned home, feeling as if no way would the director choose me, he called. He loved my interpretation of the main character and wanted me for the part. We ran Off-Broadway for three years in different venues. What a glorious time! Hugs back to you, always.

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