The Life of the Party

“Do you have a place to stay?” the director said.

“Oh, yes Sir, my aunt lives nearby; she was a Rockett at Radio City Music Hall a long time ago.”

He nodded, pleased to know she’d be safe and said,”Relax tonight, get a good sleep and be here at nine o’clock.

“Yes, sir and may I have the script to read tonight and the music because my aunt has a piano and she’s a whiz at playing.”

” I have an idea you’re the kind of actor who dives right in.”
Candace giggled; “that I do, ever since I was a small kid, it drove my parents crazy.”

He patted her hand and said, “Candace, take care of this and yourself, eat well, sleep well and we’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Write your address down on this pad and your phone number and I will arrange for Alex Morton to ring the doorbell;Alex has been my driver for years.”

Oh my, she thought, such a fuss over me as she wrote Tessa Scott 103 12th Street 2nd floor; “Thank you, thanks so much for simply everything, Mr. Maxwell” and she stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek. Thus began a long term friendship for her aunt and Alex Morton.

Thanks for taking the time to enjoy The Life of the Party, Part 3 A Wip I’m enjoying

Love to all,


Enjoy the many snippets :


35 thoughts on “The Life of the Party

  1. Thanks, Kim. My publisher needs more sales before she supports my books. Oh the marketing is going to kill me.How about you, my friend? Would you like to be on my street team and get the goodies that come with it?

  2. I can tell how much fun you’re having writing this one–it shows in your words! Wonderful job, my friend! Hope all is well with you. Your snippets always bring a smile to my face. 🙂

  3. Dear friend Rachel, are you interested in sharing what’s called street team. I’m searching for a group of friends who might help promote my books and in return, receive gifts like bracelets, earrings, really nice ones. Let me know. Love, Charmaine

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