Before the Final Curtain

“Home at last;” Becca Morgan set the cat carrier down after flinging open the carved oak door to her home overlooking the Hudson River. Freeing her faithful companion from his prison, she laughed as he meowed and bolted for the litter box. “Are we happy or what? she found joy to be home after months on the road during a three month tour of yet another play.

She stretched out on her queen-sized bed to admire all the Polished Tony awards, Emmy’s, Golden Globes and plaques, tributes to past performances. It’s so great to be back in New York although pickings were not plentiful for the well known actor; forget starring roles of yesteryear.

The cell phone shattered the peaceful moment with her favorite tune, Happy Days Are Here Again.

A familiar voice said, “Becca,” and she recognized the voice of Randall Sloan, the powerful director she’d worked with before.

more nifty snippets coming up:

This is from The Beginning. . .Not The End  three stories in one volume. This is a show business story, casting couch with all the goofy stuff that goes on during a play.


39 thoughts on “Before the Final Curtain

  1. I love that Becca has a cat companion, Charmaine. You create such an interesting mix of emotion in this piece. Wistful, nostalgic, pragmatic, determined hope – all in one. Looking forward to more.

  2. Very intriguing! I don’t think she will have to worry about auditions with the director on the line. I hope she enjoyed working with him before.

  3. I thought, “how sad”. She has all those awards and accolades, yet she returned home to a quiet house with just her cat. Did I read that wrong? Is she lonely in spite of her successes and will she find love later on?
    Nice snippet.

  4. A bittersweet look back upon past laurels. Well done, Chamaine. Can’t wait to find out what’s in store for her.

  5. Well, if the director is calling her out of the blue, it usually means they have a part that just screams that actor. I hope it’s in town so she doesn’t have to go back out on tour!

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