A Discovery of myself

Hi Gang,

Tonight I’ve been thinking of things I don’t know and they are plentiful. Although I raised children, was an Air force wife followed by an acting career, now I’m a writer with many books to my credit and yet I realized I don'[t know much about writing and time is fleet where one grow older. How in the world did all this happen or rather not happen or do you forever continue to learn ’til the end.

I wrote my first book without a clue. All I had was an idea and I didn’t stop writing until I finished the story. After a few query letters were sent out, soon an offer came in. Excitement for this newbie. No idea about street teams, marketing and more, I wrote another book and another never stopping. Surely I should have learned something, but no. All I knew was the story in my head and how to type. I didn’t  know formatting the manuscript or all the nifty stuff. I kept writing.

Computuners actually formatted a recent story. Michael did it maximum, five minutes. Courtesy. They are the best company in Rockland County who always come to my rescue in the many years I’ve depended on them.

The point is I haven’t learned to do a lot of basics and I feel sad about the lack of knowledge. Meanwhile I accepted a task with a fine group of writers and right now I’m up the creek without a paddle. The hubs will help me tomorrow morning.


It’s always something, my friends. I’m just a gal who never said NO.

Love to all, Charmaine Gordon


4 thoughts on “A Discovery of myself

  1. You and me both, Charmaine. That’s exactly how I write – just sit down at the computer and type until I’ve finished. I leave most of the technical stuff to others, although I’m gradually learning how to do things. I’ve never used a street team or beta readers either. So you are definitely not alone.

  2. Rachel, I’m smiling here in New York. Down in the dumps last night thinking I was a dope and then this. Across the pond, you send me hope. We may start up a club although most writers won’t admit to our flaws. Love, C

  3. you are an intrepid ‘DOER’ and although you may lack some simple brass tacks knowledge, you keep an open sense of the fluidity of figuring it all out in time. So you’re a student… and the longer you live, the less you actually are certain you do know. It’s quite a weird equation, isn’t it: experience breeds a combination of mastery and bewilderment. The blessings and curses of rational thought. Tada!!!!! 🙂

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