Spring is really here

Can you believe it? Personally, this sun lover is outside every sunny day wearing shorts and a swimsuit top plus a big pink hat with a ribbon yet! Purchased down at the Jersey shore and then I slipped and hurt my leg. I’m such a delicate little flower in my later years, really. So I read, write, fall asleep, all the good things in life.

I’m  in the midst of a neat story. My son, the one in Denmark, is my comrade as I write. I ask advice; he drums it over and lets me know his feelings. Today I asked him about the title. Right away he sent back something just right. We have fun like this on a daily basis.

Your own children can often be your best friends. It doesn’t often work out this way but when it does, you’ve hit the jackpot. Daughter and granddaughter saved my life. Really. I’ll always be grateful to them. I’ve displayed pictures of my grandest. She’s a wonder, so smart and fun and would you believe she’d learning geometry in third grade! I tried to learn it when I went to Purdue. Pitiful!

That’s the story this evening. Time to write a chapter and read a John Grisham book The Sycamore Tree. Fascinating.


Be well, enjoy life and smile. Love, Charmaine

Don’t forget my latest release, folks. It’s a treasure titled Charlie’s Family Secrets an omnibus of 3 books, a series you won’t forget.

4 thoughts on “Spring is really here

  1. Oh, children are such a blessing! I am glad your year of terror is behind you. And how cool that your son is so involved with your writing. It must make it incredibly special for you, Charmaine. Hugs ❤

  2. Terror is not over although I battle it every day. Life is full of hurdles and I’ve had my share. Another MRI today and another blood test scheduled for Tuesday but I survive writing yet another story, Thanks, my friend Teresa. You are a peach.

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