Watch out. The WIP is coming

Possible title: The Widow, The Daughter, The Doctors


Newly widowed Joan stared out at the garden and thought what a mess and she had to fix it, make it right and why; because no one is home anymore. She’s the only one to see blooms from now on. The fun of pulling dandelions together ended the day his heart attacked him; a laundry list of pleasure left her life and Larry never even said goodbye. Thirty-seven years of life together gone and Joan took a deep breath, let it out before she thought what’s next?

She rolled up her short sleeves to make a list; from now on it’s up to tough Joannie to keep things going, to care for herself and don’t forget about Larry’s car. Who needs two cars both almost new and now she can ride his Harley whenever she wanted to without asking! A capable woman, she knew how to shoot Skeet and suddenly an idea came to her. Larry just paid the club membership so she’d ride to the meeting Saturday and appeal to the men because she planned to belong to the club and shoot every week.

Her letter to Larry said: Dear Deceased Larry, you son of a bitch, it’s your fault you died and left me alone. Take your pills, I said but no and she lit a match to the paper and turned her back to the flame.

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Gang, I’m up for any changes you think fit. Write them and I’ll respect your ideas. Maybe. Just kidding.

33 thoughts on “Watch out. The WIP is coming

  1. Very emotional. I agree with Cara in that the way her thoughts jump from one thing to the next with no real connection, make it that much more realistic.

  2. Wow, her emotions are all over the place here, which of course is VERY natural and believable. I like her underlying core of strength and determination – excellent excerpt! Hugs to you, my friend.

  3. Very moving – and I’m another one who lost her husband very suddenly and unexpectedly (he was 35 years old) That was several years ago and one learns to move on in time but when the grief is new and raw one does go through a variety of emotions, so vividly depicted here.

  4. You really delved into emotions the survivor goes through. I remember my mom’s anger, directed more at God than at my dad, but very real nonetheless. 🙂

    Good snippet! 🙂

    No post for me this week. :-)Just stopping to see what you’re up to, dear girl.

  5. Sometimes people aren’t so good at taking care of themselves. It’s tough being the one left behind, for sure! I can really feel her pain and anger in this snippet!

  6. Oh my, she’s a bit angry with him, but I suppose that is all part of the grief process. Great emotional scene.

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