Eulogy to my pilot

The Korean War had begun and he enlisted in the Air Force Academy to learn to fly. And Fly he did until he literally received his wings for the Air Force under General Curtis LeMay. We were married as soon as he got his wings, Then we moved from Chicago to San Antonio, Texas for temporary duty. What a change in our lives for a long time. At one point, his Major got orders for Korea and by luck, the men flew to England, landing with one wing and a prayer. Here he is in a trainer just getting started to learn. His roommate died during a maneuver. Carelessness was not allowed. Throughout that time, he met some great men, traveled to Africa for temporary duty and eventually returned home with the Military Band playing and flags flying. The following morning we had our first child.

Thank you for your service, Lieutenant Bud Gordon  You were a fine pilot, a better husband and father and deserved more of everything in your life. Paul, Amy and This wife miss you every day. We had other children who don’t deserve any mention, sad to say.



3 thoughts on “Eulogy to my pilot

  1. That’s beautiful! I teared up thinking of Bugs and the wonderful man he was. He is missed by many and those of us who had the joy of being included as a member of your family on so many occasions remember him with joy and the laughter that he brought to our lives.

    • Darling girl, now a woman, you grew up in our home, an important part of our family. How we all loved you. Watching you and Amy together was a constant joy. Visit me some day. It would be a pleasure to see you again. I love you, dearest Hen-Pen.

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