More WIP, Oh Yeah!

Possible title, Mother, Daughter, Doctors, Babies             like (Tinker, tailor, soldiers , spies)

Last week we met widowed Joan. This week she moves on.


Joan rolled up her short sleeves to make a list because from now on, it’s up to tough Joannie to keep things going, to take care of not only herself but don’t forget Larry’s car. Who needs two cars both almost new and now, she thought, she can ride his Harley whenever she wanted to, Oh Yeah! without asking. A capable woman, she knew how to shoot a gun and a rifle and yes, she could use Larry’s club membership no matter what the men said because women were allowed.

She could get a job but she never had a job in her whole life and he left her enough money to keep her comfortable. The therapy dogs kept her busy twice a week doing their good work at West Point and what? Well, old Joanie, you can meet someone nice and have dates and then she glanced in the mirror; time to see the hairdresser and put herself together.

Tomorrow was Skeet shooting day and this woman will be there.

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Friends, keep the critique coming. I need your help. Thanks a bunch.


40 thoughts on “More WIP, Oh Yeah!

  1. I think she’s right to keep herself busy and ‘out there’. There will undoubtedly be moments to mourn and experience the loss. I love her wide ranging activities! Really enjoyed the excerpt – hugs to you, my friend.

  2. Great excerpt. I lost my first husband suddenly at a very young age and I think Joan sounds much more positive and organised than I was. Grief affects different people in different ways and Joan’s way of coping is obviously to make lists! Great excerpt!

  3. When my first husband died, I was so angry , like Joan is, because he didn’t fight to be healthy. That’s where the story comes from . I fought until I met a nifty guy and eventually we married. I do hope you have moved one. If you ever want to talk, I’m your friend. email me.

  4. A woman with a plan! I like it! Nice job depicting her roller coaster emotions as she feels the power choice.

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