Memoir of a fall April 2016

This is on my mind so now I will share my story. Just a bit of it right now.

Memoir of a Fall  April 2016


The last thing I heard or understood for many months was the sound of sanitation workers at six in the morning. I turned and thought, Oh My God, I’m falling with nothing to grab on to.  The fall felt loud and hard on the hardwood bedroom floor where my granddaughter slept and so did I when we had sleep-overs. Suddenly an unfamiliar world. Words spoken meant nothing. Gone, that’s me.

My daughter went into action speaking, talking, dressing, and calling. My granddaughter appeared to be a small ghost following instructions. I, the clever writer, faded into nothingness, an empty shell, no one. I heard the word hospital. A strange man, two men lifted a gurney. It had no meaning. They placed me in an ambulance like a doll and drove in a hurry. I don’t recall anything after that. A room, nurses so cold, doctors checking on my frail self. Talking about X-Rays, the woman’s head, examinations. Quiet,  who always had something to say, said nothing. No one asked me for food. I didn’t eat. After the first day I think, a woman came. I heard the words, “Can she stand?” What did she mean can I stand? Call me a ragdoll because there was nothing left of the attractive actor who once drove to New York City and worked in a glamorous environment. I had forgotten all of me because I fell. Daughter tried to straighten me up to no avail. I slithered to the floor like a stuffed doll. A sense of relief came over me. No more this terrible hospital where nurses were cruel, uncaring. I knew inside the shell of me, my daughter would take care.


My friends, everyone has a story. This mine, a terrible one I must tell. Picture me, the smiling author who carries a burden.


Tune in next time for more, if you’re interested.  Best Charmaine



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