How Do You Start Over?

This excerpt is from the way my first book, Once Again, Now, began.

The clock radio wakes me each day and one morning, I woke up to a story that sent chills through me. A random act of violence on the usually safe footpath where a man and woman were running. A speeding car where it didn’t belong hit and killed the man. I couldn’t get the story out of my mind. It nagged me like a fragment of a tune you can’t recall until I was compelled to write about it.

The story of “Once Again, Now,” poured from my heart.  The story came alive and grew, I who never wrote a book ever.  I wrote and made up stuff to keep it interesting and spicy. My heroine Kate had more guts than I had at the time.

She’s a sheltered widow who takes a risk by going to a recycling -single-men party and meets a man with secrets. Their brief time together ends in tragedy. Unaware that a sociopath is stalking her, Kate will need skills her new husband taught her to survive.

My friends, this is how you start over, step by step; idea by idea.

See you soon,


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