More about my fall

I’m not whining, my friends. It just hit me a few days ago, I lost so much all because I fell and fell so hard that I still get concussions and vertigo and trouble walking and, and, and. What I’m expressing is a lot of grief. Me, the happy actor, the writer, always smiling has grief. Yes, I had grief when my first love died and I began again to carve out a new life but nothing like this. No, nothing like this.

Yes, people have incredible problems. I’ve always been the one to help and now I can’t drive so I’m home alone a lot as I write stories not as fine as before; nothing as good as before. Yesterday I spoke to my dear second husband and poured out my feelings. he didn’t have a clue I felt this way when he raced out the door to shop without asking me to come with him; go to the library with him, go for a walk with him. And now he knows how I feel.

And now you all know how I feel. Tonight was a treat. Daughter and grandest stopped by to lift hands and help granny straighten up a beautiful new office daughter bought for me. All new, fresh, beautiful colors. Was I busy raising all those children ignoring the beauty of our nice home. Clean, Yes. Beautiful, No because I was too busy being a mom and wife doing all the things mom’s do. Of course I battled cancer; no biggie and other surgeries but what the heck.  It’s life.

I had to share this with you as another part of my memoir. The grief of losing a large part of me due to a fall.

My best to you all written with love, Charmaine

Tomorrow I’ll give you a taste of another book, one sure to please you.


6 thoughts on “More about my fall

  1. My dear Charmaine. So so sorry to hear you are grieving over your fall….the time we met at rehab. You made such an impression on me. With all that you were going through, you had the brightest smile on your face and fell in love with my Cooper as we fell in love with you. It’s been a long struggle for you but I have faith that you will gain much strength from it all. I am reading a third book of yours, Reconstructing Charlie. Your writings are beautiful, inspiring and touch the heart. Keep writing Charmaine. You are loved by so many. You certainly are held close to my heart. Please know that I will keep you in my prayers. Love, Diane and Cooper

  2. Diane, dear friend, how fortunate we met at such an awful time. My acting ability kept me smiling but it’s been so dreadful to feel my whole life change due to a fall. Thank you for stopping by. I’d so love to watch Cooper in action at a school sometime. Love to Lou.

  3. So, so sorry, Charmaine, that you are going through such problems as a result of your fall. It’s so hard to stay cheerful when life becomes a struggle. My Dad, who is 93 and frail, is unsteady on his feet, and I try to do everything I can so that he doesn’t fall. It can be a major trauma for older people. I do hope that your husband and daughter are able to help and comfort you. Your new office sounds wonderful. Keep writing your wonderful books. Sending love across the ocean.

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