Long Beach Island-our fave

Ever since Grandest was about two years old, the three of us went on a holiday to either Long Beach Island, NJ or Cape May. This picture is from our arrival in LBI this week where we stayed at a new Holiday Inn, so gorgeous with all sorts of games and more but our hearts yearned for the beach, so to the beach we went. The games came later when we returned.

I reminded Grandest that I took care of her when her mom taught at school and she was a munchkin. We had a big laugh about old stories and then she said, “Granny, it’s my time to take care of you, and she did. Everywhere we went, from breakfast to night, she watched over me, my nine year old capable granddaughter. She has brought me so much joy.

While she slept on the way home, daughter and I talked about when she was a small child and we took good care of her, our only daughter with fair hair and dark eyes, a talented tennis player later on. Her closest brother in age complained all the time. “How come little sister beats me every time we play a game.” He, the bright older brother admired her talent so much as we all did. One year we were invited to the huge Tennis Event where we got to the final in doubles. At 13, she was the youngest ever to get that far with her mom.

Now I’m a writer of Romance/Suspense books and Mature Romance filled with the idea  ‘it isn’t over ’til it’s over’  Keep smiling, my friends. Enjoy life. It’s so precious.

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6 thoughts on “Long Beach Island-our fave

  1. I have a very special granddaughter who is 11 and now watches out for me with so much love, hugs and kisses. She’s my first and owns my heart. We, too, share a very special bond. I’m glad you have your special girl in your life to watch over you now. Miss you and hope to get to see you very soon. We’ve been very busy with moving my Mom closer to us and taking care of our three granddaughters while mommy and daddy are away. Stay well dear friend and always keep that beautiful smile. Diane and Cooper

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