A Leg Up On Sisyphus

I wrote this a while back and need your feed back. So here we go.


“Granny, Granny, I missed you so much,” my youngest grandchild said as she wrapped herself around my leg and I hung tight to the railing going up the steps.

Lounging in the doorway is another grandchild, Julie, thirteen going on thirty with hormones raging; so pretty, I worry about her.

“What is it with her, Gran?” Julie said, “since you live twenty feet away, you were here this morning and now she greets you as if she hasn’t seen you in a month.”

“You did the same exact thing when you were young, just the way your sisters did so please pick up my work, honey.”

Both girls eyes widen to say “Oh, Granny, a new story for us?” I smile my mysterious Granny smile and say, “Follow me,” and Julie pretends she isn’t interested yet she leans on the door frame reluctant to leave.

I ignore her, open the briefcase, pull out a sheaf of papers, clear my throat and begin to read A Leg Up On Sisyphus.

“You know about him, Gran? and I summon all the wisdom I can project, lift one eyebrow and say, “Doesn’t everyone?”

“Actually, a friend at the library got me interested in mythology and how to make it fun so hush and listen because this is about a man who did a lot of bad stuff and I want you to learn.”

Julie doesn’t know this is for her since she’s studying Greek Mythology and having a hard time.

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Hi gang, just had my picture taken. My good neighbor is a photographer.









34 thoughts on “A Leg Up On Sisyphus

  1. Aww, Julie, what a great name for a character! 😀 This is such an awesome set-up, Charmaine! I love it so far. And holy smokes, what a beautiful picture of you!!!

  2. I think the set up is very natural. Children never remember themselves at earlier ages. Each one thinks their actions are brand new. Can’t wait to hear Granny’s take on Sisyphus! And that is a gorgeous picture of you!

  3. A fabulous picture! And that’s how I started writing as a career. I wrote a book for my daughter to have a book about something she was actually interested in rather than the typical school texts.

  4. Well hello gorgeous! Beautiful photo of beautiful you…yes, you have so much beauty both inside and out. Love your snippet. My three lovable granddaughters just left me after a week of summertime fun at our South Jersey home. The oldest, Grace at age 11, has my heart and she continues to be so very close to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and saying, “Grandma, I love you!” I miss them already. Thanks for sharing the love and closeness of your granddaughters with us. Have loved and enjoyed reading your books. And look forward to reading more. Now, off to spend a week ahead with our two littlest ones in South Jersey….Lucas, 2 and Lucia, 22 months! Haven’t forgotten about you. Cooper and I owe your a visit! Love and hugs, Diane

  5. That’s a terrific photo, Charmaine. You captured the early teen girl so well. Our ten-y.o. is pushing things the same way. I’d love to hear the story she’s about to tell them.

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