A Leg Up On Sisyphus-part 2

Last week I introduced you to Granny who lives very close to a bunch of grandchildren. She writes stories to help her grandchildren learn Greek Mythology, a subject the girls are having trouble understanding.


“Gran, isn’t Cassie a little too young for mythology; this is my second time studying it and it’s too confusing.”

“You can leave if you want to, Julie Beth; maybe call your friends, play computer games, whatever. . .as for me, I plan to read my story.”

The teen edges into the room and fiddles with her cell phone so I say, “no calls while I read, thank you.”

With a dramatic sigh, Julie shoves her pink phone in her team jacket and twirls long dark strands of hair around a finger trying to look bored, but she doesn’t fool me because once upon a time, I was her age.

Again I cleared my voice wishing for the glass of Chardonnay that must come later and now I began; “In the land of Corinth, a boy child was born to King Aeolus and his queen; their first child and the King paced back and forth in his chamber playing a little game of “Don’t Complain if you lose or Off with Your Head,” with his barber which is kind of like Monopoly. No one liked to play games with the King because he was a sore loser and not a nice guy. When the nurse announced the Royal Babe was born, the King bellowed she should unwrap his son; he never spoke softly because he didn’t need a loudspeaker when he performed at concerts with his group, Oneshot and the Hotspots famous throughout the Galaxy and suburbs. Nurse NotSoShy held up the new prince for all to see and ooh’s and ah’s bounced off stone walls giving quite a reverb as the gentle folks commented,” The little prince is not so little.”

In later years, when the prince was ten or eleven, he and his groupies sold tee shirts at the concerts that were stamped Buy or Die.

Tune in for more goofiness next week.

For more snippets:





35 thoughts on “A Leg Up On Sisyphus-part 2

  1. I have a feeling their Gran is going to make the mythology lesson much more memorable. 🙂

  2. Well that was something totally different and fun! I like the way the tale started as a classic myth and took a left turn into rock and roll. An amazing snippet today 🙂 Hugs to you, my friend.

  3. I wonder if Cassie is old enough to get the joke about “not so little princes.” But it’s definitely an update on an old story–always fun to see how things change, and what stays the same.

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