A Leg Up On Sisyphus-part 3

When we met last week, all mayhem happened. The King was revealed to be in a Rock and Roll Band called Oneshot and the Hotspots; his newborn son was born and a comely lad he is, towns people admired him verily and a lot.

excerpt: Comely was he with black hair in ringlets needing a good shampoo, a combing and maybe a blow-out. Baby blue eyes you could  die for-that’s where the expression came from-and lots of people actually did.

Anyone who touched him had his hand chopped off if the babe cried; they named him Sisyphus but the kingdom whispered Sissy Face in secret because of his beauty.

I felt Julie move closer to me and didn’t glance up, afraid if I did the two of us would crack up and break the spell I attempted to weave.

It was just as well little Cassie’s small body grew heavier on my lap since she drifted off to sleep.

Another boy was born to the King and Queen Nottonightdear but there is little information about him so listen carefully for a small bit about what Sisyphus did to his brother, like his band of thugs who wore shiny black togas and rode around on two-wheelers called Voom-Voomers. Gold was up; his brother cried a lot and left Corinth for the land of Oh Papa Dow in hopes the market would improve his bad fortune.

Sisyphus became known as a really bad dude, I explained and Julie said no one talks that way anymore, Grans.

A crackle came from the speaker system and sure enough, I heard granddaughter Alison’s laughter come through along with a deeper voice; must be Sean, her boyfriend, they are sixteen, listening in on the sound system connecting all the rooms in the old house.

“Allison” said Julie Beth,”I’m the captain of the Swim Team so what are you the captain of and Sean said, “She’s the captain of me.”

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30 thoughts on “A Leg Up On Sisyphus-part 3

  1. Really funny how the entire family is listening in from various spots! Nice touch. I enjoy the way you’re weaving modern elements into this myth, keeps me reading fast for what will be next. Fun stuff! Hugs back to you, my friend!

  2. Very nice. I loved the line about the hair needed washing and brushing. And of course the blowout. It struck me as funny,

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