A Leg Up On Sisyphus–part 5

Last week, our story ended with Hades being grounded.


The God of War, Ares, the only son of Zeus, was a man of action  releasing Hades and sending Sisyphus straight to Tartarus, the lowest darkest hole in the world but do you think that stopped Sisyphus?

I glanced around the crowded room, pleased to see heads shaking no as if they couldn’t wait to find out what happened next and thought, old Granny knows something after all.

You bet, gang, because even from the deepest place in the world, smarty pants Sisyphus persuaded Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, to send him back to Corinth by telling her his wife didn’t bury his corpse the right way because she was supposed to place a coin under his tongue to assure he had money to pay for a ticket on the river Styx.

They had a whole lot of rules back then and Sisyphus bent the rules to fit the way he wanted; Good Hearted Persephone bought the whole pack of lies and sent him back to the sunshine where he forgot about funerals and continued to be a really bad dude.

Sisyphus got away with his tricks for a long time but when word got to Zeus, it was payback time and Zeus showed his own cleverness by sentencing Sisyphus to a lifetime of endless frustration in the Underworld–what we now sometimes call Hades.

As punishment, he had to roll a huge rock up a steep hill but before he could reach the top of the hill, the rock would always roll back down, forcing him to begin all over again.

When you have to do a boring activity over and over again, it might be called a Sisyphean task; can anyone think of a Sisyphean task?

Gina said,” Conjugating Spanish verbs and Julie said,”Mythology names, yuck!”

Kim said,” My mom says changing the twins diapers is a Sisyphean task.” and everyone cracked up.

I said, “I always remember names mnemonically which means I find something in the word to remind me of the word like Hermes could be associated by the Hermes scarf, or Herman Munster.”

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29 thoughts on “A Leg Up On Sisyphus–part 5

  1. I like changing the twins’ diapers. Good example. I love this story, Charmaine. The clever way “Grannie” is telling the story intrigues the kids. (Intriguing me, too.)

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