A Leg Up On Sisyphus part 6

When last seen, the group listened to Granny tell the story of Sisyphus. She spoke of language and the way words can be remembered.


“Tartarus might be tartar sauce as a memory trigger, Granny continued, pleased to   see alert kids sit up and think.

Cassie stirred from her nap, eyes blinked open and said, “Appysauce, Grans”;

her high pitched voice cracked up the unruly gang.

“Julie, please take Cassie to the bathroom and come back with a tray of cookies just out of the oven.”

“I’ll get the cookies,” called Allison as she and Sean bolted for the door heading for the kitchen before Julie complained.

Granny walked out to the deck overlooking her small cottage set back from the big house and thought; surrounded by huge elms and flowering shrubs, she had all the privacy needed while living close to sister and family so what more could she hope for this twilight time of life. The warmth and comfort of a good man, whispered her whole self; someone to cuddle up with and smile a secret smile that comes after a sweet loving.

She called ready for the wrap-up to her audience and they gathered around when she asked, “Is there a lesson to be learned in the myth of Sisyphus; who knows what it might be?”

Peggy said, “The moral is not to make fun of people in charge or you may be up a tree with no way to get down ever.”

Cassie jumped in with, “Make in the toilet or Mommy be’s mad,” and Sean said teachers have a Sisyphean task like futile and endlessly pushing up a rock up a hill like in HadesAnd thus ends Grannys interpretation of Mythology, Part 1

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26 thoughts on “A Leg Up On Sisyphus part 6

  1. What a great way of telling this to the youngsters – and I loved her internalising about the ‘secret smile that comes after sweet loving’ so telling and poignant!

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