The Letter

The slumbering snake coiled in a dark corner of the closet in her mind; Sarah didn’t know it existed. In her conscious life, all was apple pie, light and happy. Like a slow IV drip, the venom leaked into the fragile fabric supporting her existence, eroding all her life’s work. In one hideous moment, a hole, never to be mended, tore through.

The day was one of the ten best days weathermen glow about; Sarah opened the letter and her dreams ended. The words hammered her until she cried.

A widow with four devoted adult children and insurance money gave her optimism about the future. She might meet someone to begin again a new life. There were no signs, no foreshadowing she felt later, much later, with hindsight always 20-20, did she recognize her mistakes. Blind faith and trust placed her where she stood, screaming, crying, the letter in her hand.

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31 thoughts on “The Letter

  1. The beginning paints such a vivid picture in your mind- really gets your imagination racing. A sad story this seems to be, however. I’m not sure if I want to find out what happens next haha.

  2. That first paragraph was superb. You’ve take us deep into the hidden recesses of her mind with some great description. As Veronica said, this isn’t your usual style of writing, but it’s very effective — on it’s own, of course, but also by comparison.

  3. his is excellent, my friend! Wow…pulled me in. I need to know what was in that letter!

    Hugs to you, dear girl. ❤

  4. As others have said, a real contrast to the previous story, but such a dramatic beginning and the imagery is written so beautifully. I need to know what was in that letter! Excellent snippet!

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